XAMPP :: How to remove mistakenly 301 redirected HTTPS


Today, while checking the behavior of .htaccess 301 redirect on my live web server, i accidentally placed and run on LOCALHOST and gosh!! my xampp server redirecting each request from http to https and i really stuck to do anything. Obviously, I've no SSL installed on xampp, so i googled for the issue and amazingly there was nothing but some articles like 301 Redirects: The Horror That Cannot Be Uncached and really the experience was horrible.

Are you facing this problem too? Don't worry. I've a very smart solution for this kind of issue. If you are using Firfox, go this way.

1- Open "History" from Firefox menu

2- Search the desired webpage, (in my case "http://localhost")

3- Right click on any of the result and select the option form context menu "Forget about this site".

Now refresh the page and problem should be solved.

Enjoy and share it if you like :)



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XAMPP :: How to remove mistakenly 301 redirected HTTPS


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