How to logout Skype From other devices

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Skype is very important medium in current communication. Mostly people keep their skype to be logged in automatically when Skype starts, in other words Skype save your password on the device. But the problem comes later, when due to any reason you log on Skype form other device and the previous device logged in too and you don't want so. Skype do not offer any clickable feature to logout from other devices but still you can do it.

Here's a way to do so:

In message box, type:


and press enter. You'll get a list for all active sessions. (It'll be more than one if multiple active logins are there).

Now to logout all other sessions, type:


there in message box and press enter. You'll get logged out form all other devices.

To confirm, retype "/showplaces" and press enter. There should be only one location.

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How to logout Skype From other devices

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