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Beign a forex trader, it is very important for me to follow up clients on regular basis and it very effective it to reach them via email. Here i am sharing my email content that has been very successful and i did a great business. Please replace the dates, rates and other stuff you don't need.

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Precious Metals – Currencies

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are internationational financical brokerage house engaged in providing specilized and customized services to our valued customers since 1980 in [country-name]. Infact we are pioneers of “spot currencies trading” in [country-name]. We also provide facility of trading in currencies, indicies, precious metals, crude oil and soft Agriculture Commodities Futures. Spot and Futures are tradded with margin system, which gives you a leverage of 99% which means you can hold a contract of any currency worth of $1,00,000 with $1,000 investment only.

Lets says you buy 2 contracts of British Poubd at 2.1265 USD and the market goes to 2.1365 USD, you gain 100 points * 2 contracts * 6.25 USD (per point Yield of GBP in USD)

So the profit comes to 1250 USD. As you know we are working as a brokerage house and thus we charge you a commission of 50 USD per contract setteled. Since you have setteled 2 contracts we charge you 100 USD. The net profit comes to 1150 USD. So by investing 2,000 USD from the 20,000 USD, you could make a net profit of 1150 USD on a 100 points fluctuation. Your balance would be 21,150 USD if you don’t have any outstanding contracts in the market.

Here i would like to mention that in our services there is also a facility for our respected clients to withdraw the balance amount any time, 24 hours 7 days a week without extra charges.

We are offering our services to selected businessmen to build up their diversified portfolios with us to trade both Forex and Commodities Futures in internatinal market.which has a daily turnover of USD 305 trillion.

So i am looking forward to have an appointment fromoyu when i can explain you more about this exciting business Or can i expect your visit to our office in coming days. Kindly camm first when you come to our office so that i can be there for you.


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Forex Marketing Campaign Email/Letter

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